Wall mounted LED lights for home and office

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    LED wall luminaires for residential and commercial spaces

    Barvanor offers you designer LED wall lamps for installation in residential areas - bedroom, bathroom, nursery, kitchen, toilet, living room, hallway, balcony, corridor, etc.

    You can also buy wall lamps from us - including point ones - for commercial premises (office, shop, trading floor, etc.).
    You can order our products inexpensively with delivery to all cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov and others. Manufacturer's warranty - 5 years.

    If you are interested in economical LED lamps in modern design, then you have come to the right place - we guarantee high quality lighting for your home, office or any other premises.
    We produce lamps for home and commercial applications which:
    DO NOT deform over time.
    DO NOT produce buzz when lights are on.
    DO NOT melt under load.

    Benefits of Barvanor wall lights

    Huge selection of lighting
    We make LED wall lamps of all kinds - flat, convex - of different colors, designs, with adjustable brightness (dimming), with a moisture resistance level of ip20 and ip44 at the request of the customer.
    Ideal value for money
    We are lighting manufacturers, so we can offer prices without intermediary markups. At the same time, Barvanor values quality - we use only the best components, and the resource of LEDs in our lamps is at least 50,000 hours.
    Modern design
    Barvanor wall spots are also bought for original design solutions. They fit into almost any interior. At the same time, LED lamps of our production look great on their own - if you want high-quality light for zoning, main or auxiliary lighting, then just leave a request on our website.
    Saving electricity
    LEDs use much less electricity than conventional incandescent bulbs. Accordingly, they practically do not heat up. You save on electricity bills, but you get bright, adjustable light that's easy on the eyes and won't dazzle you.
    Get wall lights for your project
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      What dimming and color temperature control options are available for wall lights?
      Practically all existing ones, as well as for other types of lamps, since wall lighting fixtures fundamentally differ from others only in design and installation method.
      What technical characteristics should be considered when choosing wall lamps?
      Our products are an example of what luminaires should be, including in terms of technical characteristics:
      • Long service life of LEDs - more than 50 hours
      • Quality assembly
      • Impact resistant
      • Modern design
      • Integrate with different lighting systems
      • Dimmable
      What features can be built into LED wall lights?
      Almost any at the request of the customer - a motion sensor, lighting control according to a schedule, and so on. When ordering, you can specify the possibility of implementing a particular option.
      Are there any rules for placing LED wall lights in corridors and aisles?
      All our lamps are made in such a way that they do not require additional measures during installation, they are safe and can be installed in any room.