Track lighting systems and fixtures

    Track lighting from Ukrainian manufacturer

    Barvanor track lights

    Barvanor offers magnetic track led-lights for home, office and other premises from the manufacturer at a bargain price.

    LED lighting fixtures are attached to a special magnetic rail that can be installed on the ceiling or wall in an overhead, mortise or suspension way. This is a modern and convenient solution that is in great demand.
    Here you can buy both serial models and lighting according to an individual project to order in different colors - white, black and others.

    For wholesale customers - discounts!

    Product warranty - 5 years.

    We guarantee favorable prices and fast delivery of lighting.
    We produce lamps for home and commercial applications which:
    DO NOT deform over time.
    DO NOT produce buzz when lights are on.
    DO NOT melt under load.

    Benefits of track lighting

    LED lamps mounted on a magnetic track (rail) can be easily moved along the entire length of the bus. This allows you to direct the flow of light to almost any area in the room where such a system is installed.
    Easy replacement of fixtures
    Install on one bus the lamp that you like. Each lamp is easily and safely installed on the track, it is also simply removed and replaced.

    You can put a led-lamp of any power (5W, 8W, 12W or others) and color, and if necessary or if you want to change something, just hang another lamp.

    The number of lamps that you can put on a track is limited only by its length.
    Track lights can be installed in any part of the room - kitchen, hallway, bedroom, room, bathroom, nursery, etc. - and it will provide high-quality lighting.

    In addition, this light fits perfectly into almost any interior, it is suitable for both large houses and small apartments, as well as for offices, open spaces and retail spaces.
    Track lighting systems are durable and economical
    They have a fairly simple, but reliable design, designed for many years of operation. They use light-emitting diodes, which consume electricity economically, but at the same time provide the necessary level of illumination.
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      How many LED lights are recommended to be placed on one ceiling magnetic track?
      There are no rules about this. The maximum number of luminaires on one track depends on the bus power supply. You can evenly install, for example, 3 luminaires on one rail 1 meter long. That is, observing the distance between the points of 42.5 cm. But it would be more correct to order a lighting calculation service, which will help determine the optimal number of lamps on each bus.
      Is it possible to install track lights under a stretch ceiling?
      Yes, magnetic rails for track lighting with led-lamps can be installed under suspended, suspended and other types of ceilings. To fix the track to the ceiling, a special base profile is used.
      How long does a track light last?
      LEDs are designed to work for 100,000 hours. If necessary, you can replace a faulty lamp with a new one, this does not require special skills.
      Are track lights connected directly to 220V?
      The track system has its own power supply, which is connected to a 220 V network, and supplies 48 V to the bus, to which the lamps are attached, which is absolutely safe for humans.
      Which cities does Barvanor track lighting ship to?
      We work throughout Ukraine, and deliver orders to all cities - Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, etc. To purchase and deliver magnetic track systems from the manufacturer, you just need to leave a request on this site.