Track busbars for LED lighting

    Own production of magnetic tracks

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    Barvanor offers wall or ceiling mounted magnetic tracks for LED lights - these are indispensable elements for track lighting.
    The busbar is a metal profile 1-3 m long, which can be shortened and adjusted to the required dimensions, and its individual segments can be connected to each other with connectors, giving the desired geometry.
    We produce lamps for home and commercial applications which:
    DO NOT deform over time.
    DO NOT produce buzz when lights are on.
    DO NOT melt under load.

    Benefits of Barvanor Lighting Busbars

    The busbar on which the lamp is installed carries a voltage of 48V.

    This potential is absolutely safe for a person, but you can not be afraid of even such an electric shock - the part through which electricity passes is carefully hidden from accidental contact.
    Easy lighting installation
    The design of the magnetic busbars allows you to quickly install the lamp - you only need to snap the device contacts onto the busbar with a slight movement, and the lamp works.
    Lighting systems based on magnetic tracks are characterized by low power consumption, and the low voltage consumption of LEDs makes such a system the most advantageous in terms of power consumption.
    LED busbar luminaires can be installed almost anywhere - both at home and in commercial premises. This system can be used as main, auxiliary lighting, as well as for zoning.
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      How is a magnetic track-bus system different from a regular track?
      Magnetic track systems are an innovative lighting system that consists of luminaires mounted on aluminum strips. The presence of a magnet on the busbar ensures easy fastening and movement of the luminaires along the entire length, and the magnetic bar does not have mechanical knots to hold the luminaires.
      What is a lighting duct made of?
      It consists of a metal profile, power input, connectors (if you need to connect several tracks), plugs and mounts.
      How many lamps can be installed on one bus?
      You can install any number of lighting devices, their number is limited only by the length of the track itself and the power of the power supply.
      Is it possible to install a lighting busbar on a stretch ceiling?
      Yes, you can, for this a special base profile and an overhead tire are used, as a result of installation you get a mortise track system.