Recessed spotlights

    LED lighting from the manufacturer

    Spot mortise led-lamps Barvanor

    The Barvanor manufacturing company offers you high-quality recessed LED ceiling lights that can be used both in residential and commercial premises (office, shop, showroom, etc.). Here you can buy lighting of different power, different shapes, colors wholesale and retail.

    Except for the ceiling, such spotlights can be embedded in almost any flat surface, including the wall.
    Our LED lamps have high-quality moisture protection (IP20 or IP44 at the customer's choice), so they are also safe to use in rooms with high humidity.

    Delivery in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.
    We produce lamps for home and commercial applications which:
    DO NOT deform over time.
    DO NOT produce buzz when lights are on.
    DO NOT melt under load.

    Benefits of recessed ceiling lights

    They can be used not only for ceilings - they crash into any flat surface, including cabinet furniture.
    Fire safety
    Лед-светильники не накаляются и не нагревают поверхность, в которую встроены, поэтому полностью пожаробезопасные.
    Savings and durability
    LEDs in recessed spotlights save energy, and their service life is more than 50 thousand hours.
    The mortise ceiling led-lamp has a small mortise depth - only 2.5-3 cm, so you can lower the ceiling as little as possible.
    Get recessed luminaires
    Price from the manufacturer!


      Why buy Barvanor recessed luminaires?
      Quality - we use durable Samsung and CREEw LEDs.
      Own production - manufacturer's prices.
      Warranty - 5 years
      How to determine how many spotlights you need in a room?
      You can order from us the calculation of fixtures for any object.
      Is it easy to dismantle a mortise lamp that is out of order?
      Yes, any part can be easily dismantled and replaced. However, if you order Barvanor luminaires, you most likely will not have such a need.
      Is there a choice of lighting angle for such lamps?
      Some models have this option. But you can pre-determine what kind of light spot on the surface you need - it can be 10, 23 and 38 degrees.