Lighting calculations for home, office, enterprise

    Professional design of artificial lighting systems

    Design of outdoor and street lighting

    The Barvanor company is engaged in the production and installation of lighting systems, as well as lighting calculations for various objects - house, apartment, office, store, etc.

    Designing room lighting allows you to determine the exact number, power and type of lamps, depending on the project The further implementation of electrical work is entirely dependent.
    We are ready to offer you energy-efficient solutions, which are especially important in large enterprises, and recently, saving electricity is also relevant for residential buildings - apartments and houses.

    In our work we use modern technologies, and specifically software for automatic calculation of light, which allows it to be made as accurate as possible.
    We produce lamps for home and commercial applications which:
    DO NOT deform over time.
    DO NOT produce buzz when lights are on.
    DO NOT melt under load.

    Calculation of artificial lighting: why should you contact us?

    Various methods of lighting calculations
    We use several methods of lighting calculations:
    • specific power method
    • utilization factor method
    • point method
    The calculation method is selected taking into account the characteristics and requirements of each client.
    We provide the whole picture of electric lighting
    You will always know how many lamps you will need, their type and characteristics, and you will also receive a 3D visualization of the lighting project.
    Full coordination of the project with the customer
    We take into account your wishes, requirements and financial capabilities, offering the best option.
    Lighting calculations of any complexity
    You receive a calculation along with graphic images of the simulated lighting installation. We work with all types of objects and premises.
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      What is taken into account when making lighting calculations for an apartment or other premises?
      When calculating lighting, the following parameters are taken into account:
      • Ceiling height
      • Color of ceilings, walls and even interior elements
      • Interior finishing material
      • Lamp characteristics - scattering angle, power, luminous flux, etc.
      • Presence/absence of a source of natural light (windows) and many other parameters - everything that affects the lighting in the room
      What units of measurement are used in lighting calculations?
      In lighting calculations, Lux (lx, lx) is used - a unit of measurement of illumination in the SI system. Lux is equal to the illumination of a surface with an area of 1 sq. m when the luminous flux of radiation incident on it is equal to 1 lumen. Each room has its own indicator. For a bathroom, for example, this is +/- 500 lux, for a corridor – 150 lux. This measurement of illumination allows you to choose the most energy-efficient option for each room.
      How to determine the optimal placement of each lamp when designing electric lighting?
      The ideal option is to involve an interior designer in this work.
      What data is needed for lighting calculations?
      • All dimensions of the room
      • Presence/absence of windows
      • Interior color scheme (walls, ceiling, floor, furniture)
      • Type of room (office , living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
      • Functional purpose of the room
      • Lighting requirement - uniform light or zoning.