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    Lamps for hotels: How to create cozy lighting?

    Did you know that the attractiveness of a hotel for guests depends not only on the service, the comfort of the rooms, the politeness of the staff, but also on the quality of lighting - both in the apartments themselves and in the corridors, hall and other rooms.

    The lamp OSLO JAR at the reception desk in the hotel, which emphasizes the atmosphere of eastern culture, is from the LED lighting manufacturer BARVANOR.

    Want to know why and how it works?

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    Hotel lighting: What does it affect?

    Light is important. And it is important for a number of reasons:
    • Lighting affects the atmosphere of any establishment, and a hotel is no exception.
    • The image and style of the hotel is also shaped by light.
    • Safety - the area should be illuminated at night, no one will argue with this.
    • Conditions are created for staff to work 24/7
    • In the event of an emergency, high-quality lighting allows for quick evacuation.

    How to arrange high-quality hotel lighting?

    Facade lighting is the first thing that guests who check in at night see.

    People can also make a choice in favor of a particular hotel if they have a pleasant impression of the lighting design. Exterior lighting can be used for more than just signage, walkways, and the area in general. In addition, it can be used to illuminate decorative elements, sculptures, fountains, plants, and, of course, gazebos, verandas, and terraces.

    Above the entrance to the hotel there are two BUBBLE lamps and the steps are also illuminated by RINO R spotlights, both types of lamps from the BARVANOR company.

    They install suspended or ceiling models of lighting fixtures. So, for example, for these purposes you can use “Barvanor” lamps from the STICK, RAIN, UMBRELLA, BUBBLE, FLUX or OSLO JAR line.

    STICK LED lamp STICK from the BARVANOR lighting manufacturer.

    RAIN LED lamp RAIN from the BARVANOR lighting manufacturer.

    UMBRELLA LED lamp UMBRELLA from the BARVANOR lighting manufacturer.

    BUBBLE LED lamp BUBBLE from BARVANOR lighting manufacturer.

    FLUX LED lamp INTEGRAL from BARVANOR lighting manufacturer.

    OSLO JAR LED lamp OSLO JAR from the manufacturer of lighting products BARVANOR.

    How to design interior lighting for a hotel interior?

    So, the goal of any hotel is to impress its guests. With the help of hotel interior lighting you can solve the following problems:

    • Formation of atmosphere;
    • Beneficial highlighting of interior features;
    • Creating comfortable conditions for staying at the hotel;
    • Indoor orientation;
    • Drawing attention to different areas - reception, lounge, restaurant, etc.;
    • High-quality performance by staff of their duties.

    Let's take a closer look at each element of the hotel.


    Let's start with the hall. There are practically no restrictions here. You can install a massive chandelier (for example, UMBRELLA 1200 mm), as well as lamps for lighting individual interior items - for example, LED spotlights or decorative sconces. Recently, track lamps have become popular - they are universal and suitable for almost any room.

    The hotel lobby, where the LED round lamp UMBRELLA from the lamp manufacturer BARVANOR is located.

    When selecting lamps for the hall, you need to take into account such nuances

    • The light should be comfortable for people entering from a dark street
    • Lighting is set so that guests can quickly find the reception, elevator, seating area
    • Lighting sources should not interfere with the movement of guests with suitcases and bags.
    • Lamps must be dimmable to combine artificial light with natural light.
    • The light in the hall should be soft, without shadows

    Let's talk about the reception desk


    Next, you should think about the lighting of the reception area. Guests should not look for it, so the total illumination of the reception is at least 300 lux. The lighting of the administrator's workplace itself is even higher. Light – daylight or cold. To illuminate the registration table, you can choose one of the built-in or overhead models (UNIQUE, PILL, PIPE - more details in the “Barvanor” catalogue). A good solution would also be to illuminate the administrator's desk with pendants, for example from the RAIN line.

    Hotel reception, where the main light source is PILL spotlights from the lighting equipment manufacturer BARVANOR.

    UNIQUE LED lamp UNIQUE from the manufacturer of lighting products BARVANOR.

    PILL LED lamp TWO PILL from BARVANOR lighting manufacturer.

    PIPE LED PIPE lamp from the manufacturer of lighting products BARVANOR.


    A relaxation area for hotel visitors, illuminated with warm light using a round hollow BUBBLE lamp from the LED equipment manufacturer BARVANOR.

    We move on to the resting and waiting area. So that guests waiting their turn to check in can relax comfortably on the sofas, it is better to illuminate this area with soft light with an intensity lower than the main one. Sconces, floor lamps - this will create a cozy atmosphere.


    Room lighting - the same light sources are used here as at home. Chandeliers, sconces, spotlights, all this should work for the comfort of vacationers.

    A hotel room illuminated with spotlights from the manufacturer BARVANOR.

    Each issue must have at least three scenarios:

    • General light - chandeliers, pendant lamps, always with brightness adjustment.
    • Lighting for work - you can install a chandelier or spotlight.
    • Light for relaxation - a table lamp, or general lighting with a dimming function.

    You can also add decorative lighting to your room. For example, for a fireplace, paintings and other interior elements. Or equip it with completely track lamps on magnetic buses. In general, it is ideal to equip rooms with light control; these can be ZigBee, 1-10 or DALI systems.

    Corridors and stairs

    Equally important is the lighting of corridors and stairs. Cool or daylight is best here. The lamp shades are matte and anti-glare. For wide corridors you can use wall and ceiling models, for narrow corridors - built-in ones. If you decide to illuminate decorative elements (paintings, for example), then in this case the light should be soft, not dazzling. For corridors and stairs, as a rule, lamps of no more than 100 lux in total are used.

    What lamps for hotels can you buy?

    A hotel needs a lot of lighting fixtures, so saving energy is very important here. And also the durability of lighting fixtures. Therefore, the best option is LED lamps. Why:

    • General light - chandeliers, pendant lamps, always with brightness adjustment.
    • Lighting for work - you can install a chandelier or spotlight.
    • Light for relaxation - table lamp, or general lighting with dimming function

    If you are looking for high-quality lighting for hotels, including track lighting, you can contact the manufacturer “Barvanor”, which will not only provide favorable prices for lamps, chandeliers and sconces, but also make lighting calculations for your facility.