Light control systems from the manufacturer

    ZigBee, DALI, 1-10V

    Lighting automation from Barvanor

    Our company specializes in the most popular light remote control systems, namely:

    ZigBee - wireless data transmission technology using radio waves for monitoring and minimal energy consumption. You can control and customize lighting scenes right from your phone.
    DALI is a lighting control system that provides high flexibility and energy efficiency of lighting systems, and also allows you to implement intelligent lighting control based on various scenarios and user requirements.

    1-10V – light intensity changes proportionally to voltage. At a value of 10V, the system produces 100% brightness, at 1V the brightness is minimal, but without turning off. To turn off the light, the regulator must be turned counterclockwise until it stops (click).
    We produce lamps for home and commercial applications which:
    DO NOT deform over time.
    DO NOT produce buzz when lights are on.
    DO NOT melt under load.

    Benefits of using lighting control systems

    Our systems can be used almost everywhere - in residential buildings, apartments, offices, industrial plants, medical institutions, retail, trade, etc. You can control both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.
    Expandability and Compatibility
    DALI and ZigBee are open standards, which means that devices from different manufacturers can be compatible with each other. This provides more flexibility and choice when designing a lighting system, and makes it easier to expand and upgrade the system in the future.
    Scalability and Flexibility
    You can integrate almost any number of luminaires into remote systems without worrying about the stability of their operation. In order to change the lighting configuration, you do not need to dismantle it or lay additional communications.
    Energy saving
    It is achieved through dimming - smooth brightness control - and control. Savings can reach 30-70%.
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      How convenient is a wireless lighting control system?
      First of all - a lot of configurations and settings. So, you can set a specific combination of activation and / or deactivation of lamps in different rooms or parts of the room, which is triggered when a certain button is pressed. Here are the functions of changing the brightness level and zoning.
      Which system is better to choose to manage it via phone?
      We can offer you ZigBee. So, on Android, you can give commands to the system even through a voice assistant.
      Does the control system differ from what object is illuminated - a private apartment or an enterprise?
      No, it doesn't matter. The main thing in any system is the number of fixtures and their ability to illuminate the room.